Florida Suncoast Feis - 2010

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BeginnerAdvanced BeginnerNovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipChampionship SpecialAdv Beg/Nov/PW SpecialAdult Open FigureOpen Figure
Beginner 1/2 (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)Novice/PW Spcl

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Reel105/106RL 107/108RL 109/110RL 111/112RL
Light Jig105/106LJ 107/108LJ 109/110LJ 111/112LJ
Slip Jig 107/108SJ 109/110SJ 111/112SJ
Single Jig 107/108SN 109/110SN 111/112SN
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Advanced BeginnerU6U7U8U9U10U12U14
Reel205/206RL 207RL 208RL 209RL 210RL 211/212RL 213/214RL
Light Jig205/206LJ 207LJ 208LJ 209LJ 210LJ 211/212/LJ 213/214LJ
Slip Jig205/206SJ 207SJ 208SJ 209SJ 210SJ 211/212SJ 213/214SJ
Single Jig 207SN 208SN 209SN 210SN 211/212SN 213/214SN
Treble Jig205/206TJ  207/208TJ 209TJ 210TJ 211/212TJ 213/214TJ
Hornpipe205/206HP  207/208HP 209HP 210HP 211/212HP 213/214HP
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Reel307/308RL 309RL 310RL 311RL 312RL 313RL 314/315RL 351RL
Light Jig307/308LJ 309LJ 310LJ 311LJ 312LJ 313LJ 314/315LJ 351LJ
Slip Jig307/308SJ 309SJ 310SJ 311SJ 312SJ 313SJ 314/315SJ 351SJ
Single Jig307/308SN 309SN 310SN 311SN 312SN 313SN 314/315SN 351SN
Treble Jig307/308TJ 309TJ 310TJ 311TJ 312TJ 313TJ 314/315TJ 351TJ
Hornpipe307/308HP 309HP 310HP 311HP 312HP 313HP 314/315HP 351HP
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Reel409RL 410/411RL  412/413RL  414/415RL  451RL 
Slip Jig409SJ 410/411SJ  412/413SJ  414/415SJ  451SJ 
Treble Jig409TJ 410/411TJ  412/413TJ  414/415TJ  451TJ 
Hornpipe409HP 410/411HP  412/413HP  414/415HP  451HP 
Non Traditional Set  412NT  414NT  416NT  461NT
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Preliminary ChampionU10U12U14U1616&O
Soft Shoe508/510PCS 512PCS 514PCS 516PCS 561PCS
Hard Shoe508/510PCH 512PCH 514PCH 516PCH 561PCH
Championship508/510PC 512PC 514PC 516PC 561PC
Non Traditional Set 512NT 514NT 516NT 561NT
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Open ChampionshipU10U12U14U1616O
Soft Shoe608/610OCS 612OCS 614OCS 616OCS 661OCS
Hard Shoe608/610OCH 612OCH 614OCH 616OCH 661OCH
Set Dance608/610OCT
Championship608/610OC 612OC 614OC 616OC 661OC
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Championship SpecialU9U11U13U14U15U1614&O15&O16&O
Soft Shoe 811S   815S   851S 
Hard Shoe 811H   815H   851H 
Treble Reel Spec   814TR   841TR  
Trad Set Spcl809TS 811TS 813TS  815TS 816TS   861TS
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Adv Beg/Nov/PW SpecialU11U1414&O
Treble Reel Spec711TR 714TR 741TR
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Adult Open FigureA
4 Hand Book290
8 Hand Book291
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Open FigureU9U12U15Any15&O
2 Hand Dance270 272 276  280
3 Hand Dance 273 277  281
4 Hand Book 274 278  282
Family Figure   292 
8 Hand Book  279  283
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Beginner 1/2 (Adult)A
Light Jig825LJ
Slip Jig825SJ
Single Jig825SN
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Light Jig850LJ
Slip Jig850SJ
Single Jig850SN
Treble Jig850TJ
Traditional Set850TS
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Novice/PW SpclU9U11U13U15U1616&O
Trad Set Spcl709TS 711TS 713TS 715TS 716TS 761TS