St. Louis Gateway Feis - 2010

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First FeisBeginner 1 - GirlsBeginner IBeginner IIBeginner 2 - Girls
NoviceNovice - GirlsNovice - BoysPrizewinnerPrizewinner - Girls
Preliminary ChampionOpen Championship - GirlsOpen Championship - BoysNo LevelFigure

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First FeisU6U8
Reel2R 4R
Light Jig2J 4J
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Beginner 1 - GirlsU5U6U7U8U9U10U11
Slip Jig14SJ 15SJ 16SJ 17SJ 18SJ 19SJ 20SJ
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Beginner IU5U6U7U8U9U10U11
Reel14R 15R 16R 17R 18R 19R 20R
Light Jig14J 15J 16J 17J 18J 19J 20J
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Beginner IIU6U7U8U9U10U11U1212&O
Reel28R 29R 30R 31R   34R 35R
Light Jig28J 29J 30J 31J 32J 33J 34J 35J
Treble Jig 29TJ 30TJ 31TJ 32TJ 33TJ 34TJ 35TJ
Hornpipe 29H 30H 31H 32H 33H 34H 35H
St. Patricks Day 29S  31S   34S 35S
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Beginner 2 - GirlsU6U7U8U9U11U1212&O
Slip Jig28SJ 29SJ 30SJ 31SJ 33SJ 34SJ 35SJ
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Reel43R 44R   47R 48R 49R  50R
Light Jig43J 44J 45J 46J 47J 48J 49J  50J
Treble Jig43TJ 44TJ 45TJ 46TJ 47TJ 48TJ 49TJ  50TJ
Hornpipe43H 44H 45H 46H 47H 48H 49H  50H
Traditional Set43S 44S 45S  47S   48S 
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Novice - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U1414&O
Reel  45R 46R    
Slip Jig43SJ 44SJ 45SJ 46SJ 47SJ 48SJ 49SJ 50SJ
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Novice - BoysU11
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Reel60R 61R 62R 63R 64R 65R 66R  67R
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Prizewinner - GirlsU9U10U11U12U13U14U1515&O
Slip Jig60SJ 61SJ 62SJ 63SJ 64SJ 65SJ 66SJ 67SJ
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Treble Jig60TJ 61TJ 62TJ 63TJ 64TJ 65TJ 66TJ  67TJ
Hornpipe60H 61H 62H 63H 64H 65H 66H  67H
Traditional Set60S   63S 64S 65S  66S 
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Preliminary ChampionU11U12U13U14U15U1616&O
Soft Shoe162S 163S 164S 165S 166S 167S 168S
Hard Shoe162H 163H 164H 165H 166H 167H 168H
Championship162 163 164 165 166 167 168
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Open Championship - GirlsU10U12U14U16U1818&O
Soft Shoe170S 171S 172S 173S 174S 175S
Hard Shoe170H 171H 172H 173H 174H 175H
Set Dance170T 171T 172T 173T 174T 175T
Championship170 171 172 173 174 175
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Open Championship - BoysU13U1717&O
Soft Shoe177S 179S 180S
Hard Shoe177H 179H 180H
Set Dance177T 179T 180T
Championship177 179 180
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No LevelU13Any13&O
Flute205  206
Tin Whistle203
Violin207  208
Arts and Crafts 218 
Harp  214
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3 Hand Reel190 191 192 193 194 195
4 Hand Dance    200