Badger State Feis - 2010

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First Feis - GirlsFirst FeisBeginner 1 - GirlsBeginner IBeginner II
Beginner 2 - GirlsNoviceNovice - GirlsPrizewinnerPrizewinner - Girls
Preliminary ChampionOpen Championship - GirlsOpen Championship - BoysNov/Pzw TrophyNo Level
PC/C TrophyOpen Figure

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First FeisU5U6U7U8U9U10U1111+
Reel  006R 007R 008R 009R 010R 011R
Light Jig004J 005J 006J 007J 008J 009J 010J 011J
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First Feis - GirlsU8U1011+
Slip Jig007S 009S 011S
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Beginner 1 - GirlsU7U8U9U11
Slip Jig106S 107S 108S 110S
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Beginner IU5U6U7U8U9U10U11
Reel104R 105R 106R 107R 108R 109R 110R
Light Jig104J 105J 106J 107J 108J 109J 110J
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Beginner IIU6U7U8U9U10U11U12U1313+
Reel305R 306R 307Ra, 307Rb 308Ra, 308Rb 309R 310R 311R 312R 
Light Jig305J 306Ja, 306Jb 307J 308Ja, 308Jb 309J 310J 311J 312J 313J
Treble Jig 306T 307T 308T 309T 310T 311T 312T 
Hornpipe305H 306H 307H 308H 309H 310H 311H 312H 
St. Patricks Day305TS 306TS 307TS 308TS 309TS 310TS 311TS 312TS 313TS
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Beginner 2 - GirlsU6U7U8U9U10U11U12U13
Slip Jig305S 306S 307Sa, 307Sb 308S 309S 310S 311S 312S
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Reel506R 507R 508Ra, 508Rb 509Ra, 509Rb 510Ra, 510Rb 511Ra, 511Rb 512Ra, 512Rb 513R 514R 515R
Light Jig506J 507J 508Ja, 508Jb 509Ja, 509Jb 510Ja, 510Jb 511Ja, 511Jb 512J 513J 514J 515J
Treble Jig506T 507T 508Ta, 508Tb 509Ta, 509Tb 510Ta, 510Tb 511Ta, 511Tb 512Ta, 512Tb 513T 514T 515T
Hornpipe506H 507H 508Ha, 508Hb 509Ha, 509Hb 510Ha, 510Hb 511Ha, 511Hb 512Ha, 512Hb 513H 514H 515H
Traditional Set506TS 507TS 508TS 509TS 510TSa, 510TSb 511TS 512TS 513TS 514TS 515TS
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Novice - GirlsU7U8U9U10U11U12U13U14U1515+
Slip Jig506S 507S 508Sa, 508Sb 509Sa, 509Sb 510Sa, 510Sb 511Sa, 511Sb 512Sa, 512Sb 513S 514S 515S
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Reel707R 708R 709R 710Ra, 710Rb 711Ra, 711Rb 712Ra, 712Rb 713Ra, 713Rb 714Ra, 714Rb 715Ra, 715Rb, 715Rc
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U14U1515+
Slip Jig707S 708S 709S 710Sa, 710Sb 711Sa, 711Sb 712Sa, 712Sb 713Sa, 713Sb 714Sa, 714Sb 715Sa, 715Sb
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Treble Jig707T 708T 709T 710Ta, 710Tb 711Ta, 711Tb 712Ta, 712Tb 713Ta, 713Tb 714Ta, 714Tb 715Ta, 715Tb
Hornpipe707H 708H 709H 710Ha, 710Hb 711Ha, 711Hb 712Ha, 712Hb 713Ha, 713Hb 714Ha, 714Hb 715Ha, 715Hb
Traditional Set707TS 708TS 709TS 710TS 711TS 712TS 713TS 714TS 715TS
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U15U16U1717+
Soft ShoeP09S P10S P11S P12S P13S P14S P15S P16S P17S
Hard ShoeP09H P10H P11H P12H P13H P14H P15H P16H P17H
ChampionshipP09 P10 P11 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16 P17
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Open Championship - GirlsU12U14U16U1818+
Soft ShoeC3S C5S C7S C9S C11S
Hard ShoeC3H C5H C7H C9H C11H
Set DanceC3T C5T C7T C9T C11T
ChampionshipC3 C5 C7 C9 C11
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Open Championship - BoysU11U17
Soft ShoeC2S C8S
Hard ShoeC2H C8H
Set DanceC2T C8T
ChampionshipC2 C8
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Nov/Pzw TrophyU10U12U1414+
Treble Reel SpecTR11a TR11b TR13 TR14
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No LevelU13U1515+
Misc InstM10  M12
Flute / Whistle  M03
Singing (Irish)M16
Singing (English)M13 M14 M15
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PC/C TrophyU12U1515+
Treble Reel SpecTR21 TR24 TR25
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Open FigureU9U11U13U15
3 Hand ReelF3 F5 F7 F9
4 Hand DanceF4 F6 F8