Cleveland Feis - 2010

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First Feis - GirlsFirst Feis - BoysBeginner 1 - GirlsBeginner 1 - BoysBeginner 2 - Girls
Beginner 2 - BoysNovice - GirlsNovice - BoysPrizewinner - GirlsPrizewinner - Boys
Preliminary ChampionOpen Championship - GirlsOpen Championship - BoysChampionship SpecialNon-champ Special
No LevelFigureBeginner 1/2 (Adult)Novice/Prizewinner(Adult)

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First Feis - GirlsU5U6U7U8U9U10U1111&O
Reel1R 2R 3R 4R 5R 6R 7R 8R
Light Jig 2J 3J 4J 5J 6J 7J 8J
Slip Jig  3SJ 4SJ 5SJ 6SJ 7SJ 8SJ
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First Feis - BoysU7U99&O
Reel10R 11R 12R
Light Jig10J 11J 12J
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Beginner 1 - GirlsU6U7U8U9U10U1212&O
Reel15R 16R 17R 18R 19R 20R 21R
Light Jig15J 16J 17J 18J 19J 20J 21J
Slip Jig 16SJ 17SJ 18SJ 19SJ 20SJ 21SJ
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Beginner 1 - BoysU66&O
Reel22R 23R
Light Jig22J 23J
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Beginner 2 - GirlsU6U7U8U9U10U11U12U1313&O
Reel27R 28R 29Ra, 29Rb 30Ra, 30Rb 31Ra, 31Rb 32R 33R 34R 35R
Light Jig27J 28J 29Ja, 29Jb 30Ja, 30Jb 31Ja, 31Jb 32J 33J 34J 35J
Slip Jig27SJ 28SJ 29SJ 30SJa, 30SJb 31SJa, 31SJb 32SJ 33SJ 34SJ 35SJ
Treble Jig 28TJ 29TJ 30TJ 31TJa, 31TJb 32TJ 33TJ 34TJ 35TJ
Hornpipe 28H 29H 30H 31H 32H 33H 34H 35H
St. Patricks Day  29PD 30PD 31PD 32PD 33PD 34PD 
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Beginner 2 - BoysU88&O
Reel37R 38R
Light Jig37J 38J
Treble Jig37TJ 38TJ
Hornpipe37H 38H
St. Patricks Day37PD 38PD
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Novice - GirlsU7U8U9U10U11U12U13U14U15U1818&O
Reel41R 42R 43R 44Ra, 44Rb 45Ra, 45Rb 46Ra, 46Rb 47Ra, 47Rb 48Ra, 48Rb 49R 50R 51R
Light Jig41J 42J 43J 44Ja, 44Jb 45Ja, 45Jb 46Ja, 46Jb 47J 48J 49J 50J 51J
Slip Jig 42SJa, 42SJb 43SJ 44SJa, 44SJb 45SJa, 45SJb 46SJa, 46SJb 47SJa, 47SJb 48SJ 49SJ 50SJ 51SJ
Treble Jig 42TJ 43TJ 44TJa, 44TJb 45TJa, 45TJb 46TJa, 46TJb 47TJa, 47TJb 48TJ 49TJ 50TJ 51TJ
Hornpipe 42H 43H 44Ha, 44Hb 45Ha, 45Hb 46Ha, 46Hb 47Ha, 47Hb 48H 49H 50H 51H
Traditional Set 42TS 43TS 44TS 45TS 46TS 47TS 48TS 49TS 50TS 
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Novice - BoysU9U1313&O
Reel53R 55R 
Light Jig53J 55J 
Treble Jig53TJ 55TJ 56TJ
Hornpipe53H 55H 56H
Traditional Set53TS 55TS 
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U14U15U1818&O
Reel60R 61R 62R 63R 64Ra, 64Rb 65Ra, 65Rb 66Ra, 66Rb 67R 68Ra, 68Rb 
Slip Jig60SJ 61SJ 62SJ 63SJ 64SJa, 64SJb 65SJa, 65SJb 66SJa, 66SJb 67SJ 68SJa, 68SJb 69SJ
Treble Jig60TJ 61TJ 62TJ 63TJ 64TJa, 64TJb 65TJa, 65TJb 66TJa, 66TJb 67TJa, 67TJb 68TJa, 68TJb 69TJ
Hornpipe60H 61H 62H 63H 64Ha, 64Hb 65Ha, 65Hb 66Ha, 66Hb 67H 68Ha, 68Hb 69H
Traditional Set60TS 61TS 62TS 63TS 64TS 65TS 66TS 67TS 68TS 69TS
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Prizewinner - BoysU9U1313&O
Reel71R 73R 74R
Treble Jig71TJ 73TJ 74TJ
Hornpipe71H 73H 74H
Traditional Set71TS 73TS 74TS
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Preliminary ChampionU9U10U11U12U13U14U15U16U17U1818&O
Soft Shoe111PCS 112PCS 113PCS 114PCS 115PCS 116PCS 117PCS 118PCaS, 118PCbS 119PCS 120PCS 121PCS
Hard Shoe111PCH 112PCH 113PCH 114PCH 115PCH 116PCH 117PCH 118PCaH, 118PCbH 119PCH 120PCH 121PCH
Championship111PC 112PC 113PC 114PC 115PC 116PC 117PC 118PCa, 118PCb 119PC 120PC 121PC
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Open Championship - GirlsU10U12U14U16U1818&O
Soft Shoe122CS 123CS 124CS 125CS 126CS 127CS
Hard Shoe122CH 123CH 124CH 125CH 126CH 127CH
Set Dance122CT 123CT 124CT 125CT 126CT 127CT
Championship122C 123C 124C 125C 126C 127C
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Open Championship - BoysU13U15U1717&O
Soft Shoe129CS 130CS 131CS 132CS
Hard Shoe129CH 130CH 131CH 132CH
Set Dance129CT 130CT 131CT 132CT
Championship129C 130C 131C 132C
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Championship SpecialU12U14U1616&O
Treble Reel Spec134TR 135TR 136TR 137TR
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Non-champ SpecialU11U14U1616&O
Treble Reel Spec77TR 78TR 79TR 80TR
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No Level12-14
Singing (English)143
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3 Hand Reel86F  88F  91F  94F 97F   100F 
4 Hand Dance87F    92F  95F 98F    
6 Hand Dance  90F        102F 
Figure Choreography        104CH   105CH
8 Hand Dance    93F       
8 Hand Ceili 81CT  82CT  83CT  84CT   85CT 
Parent/Child Figure         110AC  
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Beginner 1/2 (Adult)A
Light Jig106J
Slip Jig106SJ
Treble Jig106TJ
Traditional Set106TS
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Light Jig107J
Slip Jig107SJ
Treble Jig107TJ
Traditional Set107TS