Feis In The Vines - Napa - 2023

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Beginner 1Beginner IINovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipAdult SpecialPrelim Champ Trophy SpecOpen Champ Trophy SpecNovice/Prizewinner(Adult)

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Beginner 1U8U98&O9&O
Reel108A  108B 
Light Jig109A  109B 
Slip Jig110A  110B 
Single Jig111A  111B 
Treble Jig 112  119
Hornpipe 113  120
St. Patricks Day 114  121
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Beginner IIU99&O
Reel208 215
Light Jig209 216
Slip Jig210 217
Single Jig211 218
Treble Jig212 219
Hornpipe213 220
St. Patricks Day214 221
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Reel322 329
Light Jig323 330
Slip Jig324 331
Single Jig325 332
Treble Jig326 333
Hornpipe327 334
Traditional Set328 335
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Reel422 429
Light Jig423 430
Slip Jig424 431
Single Jig425 432
Treble Jig426 433
Hornpipe427 434
Traditional Set428 435
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Preliminary ChampionU11U12U13U1515&O
Championship701 702 703 705 706
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Open ChampionshipU11U12U13U14U1616&O
Championship721 722 723 724 726 727
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Adult SpecialA
Treble Reel Spec923
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU1616&O
Treble Reel Spec920 921
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Open Champ Trophy SpecAny
Treble Reel Spec922
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Light Jig609
Slip Jig610
Treble Jig612
Traditional Set614