Lavin-Cassidy Feis (Saturday) - 2020

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First Feis - GirlsFirst FeisBeginner 1 - GirlsBeginner 1Beginner 2
Beginner 2 - GirlsBeginner 2 - BoysNoviceNovice - GirlsNovice - Boys
PrizewinnerPrizewinner - GirlsPrizewinner - BoysPreliminary ChampionOpen Championship
Open Championship - GirlsOpen Championship - BoysNov/Pzw Trophy

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First FeisU5U6U7U8U9U10U11O11
Reel 106RL 107RL 108RL 109RL 110RL 111RL 112RL
Light Jig105LJ 106LJ 107LJ 108LJ 109LJ 110LJ 111LJ 112LJ
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First Feis - GirlsU9U10U11O11
Slip Jig109SJ 110SJ 111SJ 112SJ
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Beginner 1 - GirlsU7U8U9U10U11O11
Slip Jig207SJ 208SJ 209SJ 210SJ 211SJ 212SJ
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Beginner 1U5U6U7U8U9U10U11O11
Reel205RL 206RL 207RL 208RL 209RL 210RL 211RL 212RL
Light Jig205LJ 206LJ 207LJ 208LJ 209LJ 210LJ 211LJ 212LJ
Single Jig    209SN 210SN 211SN 212SN
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Beginner 2U7U8U9U10U11U13O13
Reel307RL   310RL 311RL 313RL 314RL
Light Jig307LJ   310LJ 311LJ 313LJ 314LJ
Single Jig  309SN  311SN 313SN 
Treble Jig307TJ 308TJ 309TJ  311TJ 313TJ 
Hornpipe 308HP 309HP 310HP 311HP 313HP 
St. Patricks Day 308PD 309PD  311PD 313PD 
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Beginner 2 - GirlsU7U8U9U10U11U13O13
Reel 308RL 309RL    
Light Jig 308LJ 309LJ    
Slip Jig307SJ 308SJ 309SJ 310SJ 311SJ 313SJ 314SJ
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Beginner 2 - BoysU9
Light Jig359LJ
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Reel  409RLA, 409RLB 410RLA, 410RLB 411RLA, 411RLB 412RL 413RL  414RL 
Light Jig407LJ 408LJ 409LJ 410LJ 411LJ 412LJ 413LJ  414LJ 
Single Jig  409SN  411SN  413SN   
Treble Jig407TJ 408TJ 409TJA, 409TJB 410TJA, 410TJB 411TJA, 411TJB 412TJ 413TJ  414TJ 
Hornpipe 408HP 409HP 410HPA, 410HPB 411HPA, 411HPB 412HP 413HP 414HP  415HP
Traditional Set 408TS 409TS 410TS 411TS  413TS  414TS 
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Novice - GirlsU7U8U9U10U11U12U13O13
Reel407RL 408RL      
Slip Jig407SJ 408SJ 409SJA, 409SJB 410SJA, 410SJB 411SJA, 411SJB 412SJ 413SJ 414SJ
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Novice - BoysU8
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Reel508RL 509RL        
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U14U15O15
Reel  510RLA, 510RLB 511RLA, 511RLB     
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Reel    512RLA, 512RLB 513RL 514RL 515RL  516RL
Light Jig 509LJ  511LJ  513LJ   514LJ 
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U14U15O15
Slip Jig508SJ 509SJ 510SJA, 510SJB 511SJA, 511SJB 512SJA, 512SJB 513SJA, 513SJB 514SJ 515SJ 516SJ
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Single Jig 509SN  511SN  513SN   514SN 
Treble Jig508TJ 509TJ        
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Prizewinner - GirlsU8U9U10U11U12U13U14U15O15
Treble Jig  510TJA, 510TJB 511TJA, 511TJB     
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Treble Jig    512TJA, 512TJB 513TJ 514TJ 515TJ  516TJ
Hornpipe508HP 509HP 510HPA, 510HPB 511HPA, 511HPB 512HPA, 512HPB 513HP 514HP 515HP  516HP
Traditional Set 509TS 510TS 511TS 512TS 513TS   514TS 
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Prizewinner - BoysU11
Treble Jig561TJ
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Preliminary ChampionU9U10U11U12U13U14U15U16U17O17
Soft Shoe609PCS 610PCS 611PCS 612PCS 613PCAS, 613PCBS 614PCAS, 614PCBS 615PCS 616PCS 617PCS 618PCS
Hard Shoe609PCH 610PCH 611PCH 612PCH 613PCAH, 613PCBH 614PCAH, 614PCBH 615PCH 616PCH 617PCH 618PCH
Championship609PC 610PC 611PC 612PC 613PCA, 613PCB 614PCA, 614PCB 615PC 616PC 617PC 618PC
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Open ChampionshipU10U15U16O18
Soft Shoe710OCS 716OCAS 716OCBS 719OCS
Hard Shoe710OCH 716OCAH 716OCBH 719OCH
Set Dance710OCT 716OCAT 716OCBT 719OCT
Championship710OC 716OCA 716OCB 719OC
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Open Championship - GirlsU11U12U13U14U17U18
Soft Shoe712OCAS 712OCBS 714OCAS 714OCBS 718OCAS 718OCBS
Hard Shoe712OCAH 712OCBH 714OCAH 714OCBH 718OCAH 718OCBH
Set Dance712OCAT 712OCBT 714OCAT 714OCBT 718OCAT 718OCBT
Championship712OCA 712OCB 714OCA 714OCB 718OCA 718OCB
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Open Championship - BoysU12U14U18
Soft Shoe762OCS 764OCS 768OCS
Hard Shoe762OCH 764OCH 768OCH
Set Dance762OCT 764OCT 768OCT
Championship762OC 764OC 768OC
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Nov/Pzw TrophyU12
Treble Reel512TR