Wyoming State Championships - 2018

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Beginner 1Beginner 2NovicePrizewinnerPreliminary Champion
Open ChampionshipBeginner I & II TrophyNov/Pzw TrophyNo LevelPrelim Champ Trophy Spec
Open Champ Trophy SpecBeginner (Music)Advanced (Music)

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Beginner 1U7U99&O
Reel107-R 109-R 112-RM
Light Jig107-LJ 109-LJ 112-LJM
Slip Jig 109-SJM 112-SJM
Single Jig107-J 109-J 112-JM
Treble Jig 109-TJM 112-TJM
Hornpipe 109-HP 112-HPM
St. Patricks Day 109-PDM 112-PDM
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Beginner 2U9U119&O11&O
Reel209-RM 211-R  212-R
Light Jig209-LJM 211-LJ  212-LJ
Slip Jig209-SJM  212-SJM 
Single Jig209-JM  212-JM 
Treble Jig 211-TJM  212-TJ
Hornpipe 211-HPM  212-HP
St. Patricks Day 211-PDM  212-PD
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Reel311-RM  314-RM 
Light Jig311-LJM  314-LJM 
Slip Jig311-SJM  314-SJM 
Single Jig311-JM  314-JM 
Treble Jig311-TJM 313-TJ  314-TJ
Hornpipe311-HPM 313-HP  314-HP
Traditional Set311-TSM 313-TS  314-TS
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Reel409-R 411-R 413RA 413-R 415-R  416-R
Light Jig 411-LJM  413-LJ  416-LJM 
Slip Jig 411-SJM, 411-SJMA 413-SJA 413-SJ 415-SJ  416-SJ
Single Jig 411-JM  413-J  416-JM 
Treble Jig 411-TJM  413-TJ  416-TJM 
Hornpipe 411-HPM  413-HP  416-HPM 
Traditional Set 411-TSM  413-TS  416-TSM 
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Preliminary ChampionU10U11U12U13U14U1616&O
Soft Shoe710-PCMS, 710-PCSS 711-PCF, 711-PCSS 712-PCF, 712-PCSS 713-PCF, 713-PCSS 714-PCF, 714-PCSS 716-PCMS, 716-PCSS 717-PCF, 717-PCSS
Hard Shoe710-PCMH, 710-PCSH 711-PCH, 711-PCSH 712-PCH, 712-PCSH 713-PCH, 713-PCSH 714-PCH, 714-PCSH 716-PCMH, 716-PCSH 717-PCH, 717-PCSH
Set Dance710-PCST 711-PCST 712-PCST 713-PCST 714-PCST 716-PCST 717-PCST
Championship710-PCM 711-PC 712-PC 713-PC 714-PC 716-PCM 717-PC
Championship 2nd Chc710-PCS 711-PCS 712-PCS 713-PCS 714-PCS 716-PCS 717-PCS
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Open ChampionshipU11U13U14U1717&O
Soft Shoe711-OMS 713-OMS 714-OS 717-OMS 718-OS
Hard Shoe711-OMH 713-OMH 714-OH 717-OMH 718-OH
Set Dance711-OMT 713-OMT 714-OT 717-OMT 718-OT
Championship711-OM 713-OM 714-O 717-OM 718-O
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Beginner I & II TrophyU1010&O
Hornpipe (Fast)916 917
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Nov/Pzw TrophyU1212&O
Hornpipe Special918 919
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No LevelU10U12U13U16Any16&OA
Treble Reel Spec940 943A 943B 945A  945B 
Dress Design    950  960
Vest Design    955, 965  
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Prelim Champ Trophy SpecU1313&O
Hard Shoe920 925
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Open Champ Trophy SpecU1313&O
Hard Shoe930 935
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Beginner (Music)U12U15
Music972 975
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Advanced (Music)U15