Western US Region Oireachtas - 2019

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Competition 44G4H - Oireachtas, 4 Hand, Girls (U10)

14 competitors in this competition

PlaceDancer (School)
114 - Celtic Steps, 44G4H A (Celtic Steps)
27 - Wick School, 44G4H A (Wick School)
31 - Kennelly School of ID, 44G4H B (Kennelly School of Irish Dance)
45 - Rose-Ritchie Academy, 44G4H A (Rose-Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance)
56 - Kennelly School of ID, 44G4H A (Kennelly School of Irish Dance)
610 - Clan Rince School, 44G4H A (Clan Rince School of Irish Dancing)
72 - Celtic Irish Dance, 44G4H A (Celtic Irish Dance Academy)

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