Western US Region Oireachtas - 2018

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Competition 34G4H - Oireachtas, 4 Hand, Girls (15&O)

61 competitors in this competition

PlaceDancer (School)
1Scariff School 34G4H A
2Cleary Irish Dance 34G4H A
3Cleary Irish Dance 34G4H D
4Cleary Irish Dance 33G4H C
5Whelan Academy 34G4H B
6Acadamh Rince 34G4H A
7Tara Academy 34G4H A
8Kennelly School of Irish 34G4H A
9Whelan Academy 34G4H A
10McBride School 34G4H B
11Moriarty-Moffitt School 34G4H A
12Lyons Academy 34G4H A
13Scariff School 34G4H B
14Fisher-McLeod School 34G4H A
15Moriarty-Moffitt School 34G4H B
16Rose-Ritchie Academy 34G4H A
16McTeggart, Western U.S. 34G4H A
18Claddagh Western U.S. 34G4H A
19Kennelly School of Irish 34G4H B
20Claddagh Western U.S. 34G4H C
21Dillon Magh Adhair 34G4H B
21Tara Academy 34G4H B
23Rose-Ritchie Academy 34G4H B
24Shelley School 34G4H A
25Kelly School 34G4H B
26Bracken School 34G4H A
27Lyons Academy 34G4H B
28Murray School 34G4H A
29Dillon Magh Adhair 34GH4 E
30Keenan School 34G4H B
31Cleary Irish Dance 34G4H C

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