Possak Hampshire Feis - 2018

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Competition 727T - Open Championship, Set Dance (U14)

23 competitors in this competition

PlaceDancer (School)
1148 - Campbell, Ronan (Possak Hampshire Academy of Irish Dance)
2366 - Schroter, Peyton (Mattierin School of Irish Dancing)
3368 - Shiu, Sorcha (Possak Hampshire Academy of Irish Dance)
4239 - Karasz, Grace (Possak Hampshire Academy of Irish Dance)
5267 - Lyons, Brooklyn (Knock School of Irish Dance)
5333 - Pietersma, Kristen (Irwin School of Irish Dancing)
6354 - Romaniuk, Austyn (Knock School of Irish Dance)
7220 - Holmgren, Eliza (Blakey O'Brien, Calgary)
7307 - Mullen, Abigail (Casey O'Loughlin Academy of Irish Dance)
8345 - Quinn, Scarlett (Houston Academy of Irish Dance)
9388 - Sware, Claudia (Mattierin School of Irish Dancing)
10134 - Boutcher, Chloe (Knock School of Irish Dance, GP)
11402 - Tomlinson, Siobhan (Mattierin School of Irish Dancing)

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